1) The Hunger and Thirst Games – This ia phenomenal resource that is available for FREE from Paul Turner and the Disciple Project based off of the ever popular book series and 

subsequent movie series. This 4-week series is based off Matthew 5:6, “Blessed 476are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled,” and is tied in with the Hunger Games series loosely. It includes:

  • A large selection of games to go with the series.
  • A way to track points earned through service, scripture memorization, and bringing in new youth to youth group.
  • Four lessons with powerpoints.

One thing that I added was buying colored bandannas for each district to have, and they had to show district pride with their colors throughout the month.

It’s been one of our most memorable series ever!


2) The Basic Series – If you’re able to show videos either on a projector or a television, then the Basic series is worth taking a look at. You can purchase all 7 videos for under $20. Our youth really enjoy the messages that Francis Chan brings and how it can be relate-able to teens and adults alike. The video quality and artistic side of the curriculum are pretty phenomenal as well.

  • Check out Fellowship here for an idea of what the series is like!
  • There are many questions and study guide starters that Basic includes, so make sure to include this in your prep!


3) The Nooma Series – This video series was created by Pastor Rob Bell to help answer life’s toughest and most asked questions in a way that is easy to take in, and helps you to appreciate the answer more. There are a total of 24 videos that you can use, and with a pretty cheap price at the Flannel website, they’re a great investment. Bell not only brings a great message but brings some drama and emotion with the video and great musical score in each video.