Check out this page for links and resources that you can use for ideas and support in your youth ministries! Make sure you stay connected here and especially with these great resources!

Youth Ministry Websites

  1. – This website should be on your radar all of the time for leader support, FAQ’s for specific things, lots of games, and some cool stuff in the marketplace. You can also check out their Facebook group here.
  2. More Than Dodgeball – If you’re not opposed to reading a blog, then this can be a great spot for you. For those who follow the youth ministry “insider world”, this is a one-stop-shop for all things youth ministry related.
  3. Stuff You Can Use – This site was made by a Jr. High YM duo at a MEGA church (it clearly shows), but there is definitely some gold on this site with great games, curriculum resource ideas, graphics, and a bunch of free stuff! If you can’t use some of these idea (b/c you only have a handful of youth), just rework some of these to work for you! Or move to the next website…
  4. – This used to be my go-to site for all things YM, as it has GREAT curriculum and small group resources that you can purchase (or find some for free). But then it does have a bunch of great support articles to look at as well!



  1. Any of the 99 Thoughts Books! – There are a bunch of these books put out there by Group Publishing that cover so many areas of youth ministry. There are books for volunteers, small church workers, student leaders, married couples, caring for your group, and many more! The best part? They’re all around $5 and so fun and simple to read.
  2. The $5 Youth Ministry: Low-Cost Ideas for Effective Ministry – I was given this book as a gift shortly after I started volunteering at a small, country church. I love so many things about this. Everything in this book costs $5 or less (to an extent). It not only gives you great ideas, but it sets these ideas up already in smaller church settings because it typically matches the budget math (small church=smaller budget). The only downside is the book costs more than $5…
  3.  Answers to Teenagers’ 50 Toughest Questions – This has been a nice resource for me to check in on periodically to keep me on my toes in case I’m ever caught off guard in checking in with students. In not attending Seminary or Bible college, it also offers me a non-threatening way to learn some new things about some of the same stuff your youth are thinking through! Check this one out!
  4. The Simple Truth Bible: The Best Minute of Your Day – This devotional is set up in a way that makes the youth want to at least consider reading their Bible a few times a week. I tested this out by buying a few for some of my older youth last year and gave them out as gifts. I’ve seen a few pop up (some more worn than others) but I know that it sets up your youth to learn, think, be challenged, and apply what they read in God’s Word.