Youth Ministry Games


When I first heard about this game from some of our youth, I was surprised that this would be a game that they’d want to play as high school students. Infection is a form of tag where you start with one person who is “it”. Everyone else that is playing then has 30-ish seconds […]


This game has been called different names, but the name I was introduced to was Grog (you’ll understand later). Before the youth arrived the night we played this, I had a large camping flashlight that I took apart into 6 pieces (3 pieces of flashlight and 3 D batteries) and then hid them all […]

Human Roomba

All you need to play this game is a roll of duct tape for each group of 2-4 and small (1″x 1″) pieces of paper in a different colors (one color per team). You’ll put all of the paper in your playing area (not too big) and then each team will pick one person […]