Who Is The HDY Team?

HDY President: Kaylee B., St. Louis First UMC

Vice-President: Seairra B., St. Louis First UMC

Secretary: Grace Z., Mt. Pleasant First UMC

Treasurer: Riley S., Mt. Pleasant First UMC

At-Large: Dane C., Sand Lake UMC

At-Large: Reid S., Mt. Pleasant Countryside UMC

District Youth Coordinator: Zach McNees

District Youth Coordinator: John Holland


How Can You Get Involved?

  • Youth: We need YOU to be the leadership of this ministry. You can join the HDY Team to help plan events, figure out ways we can support our local churches, and grow closer to Christ as a leader. Sign up with the form at the bottom of the page.
  • Parents: Take interest in what your child is doing at the local church. There’s no HDY without the local church, and there’s not as much fruitful involvement there if the parents aren’t there to help their child grow in Christ. You can also help by telling HDY how we can benefit your teen and their youth group!
  • Youth Leaders/Pastors: We can have all of these great ideas about things to do, but we need to make sure they will work well with the direction and visions that you have for your local church’s youth ministry! We can’t successfully partner with our District if we don’t know what they actually need! There’s no point in giving the answers and solutions to the questions and problems that no one actually has.
  • “Small” Churches: If your church is so small that you have 1 teen, or maybe 4 and you can’t do any kind of Youth Group or UMYF, then this ministry is for you! We are here to CONNECT your church and your youth with the teens from our district so they might have opportunities to lead and connect in the way that we are meant to!

What is the Mission of HDY?

  • To help our local churches to facilitate, support, and empower youth (grades 6/7-12, depending on the church) to grow in relationships with one another and especially in faith to God through Jesus Christ.
  • To foster a connectional ministry between youth ministries and churches across our district.
  • To support smaller churches and youth ministries with resources, guidance, and opportunities that involve them in effective ministry, mission, and youth fellowship.
  • To provide outreach and fellowship opportunities that reach out and invite new youth both inside and outside of the local church to join together.