Recently, a handful of youth leaders from within our Heartland District have expressed an interest in wanting to find ways to connect with other youth groups and youth leaders in the District outside of District events. One way that we have been asked to support them is to see if we can add the Churches in our District along with the contact information of the Youth Ministry person to the website.

By doing this, we could help to enable you to connect on your own and to help invite others in the District to join you for various events/programs without having to see each other exclusively at District events.

But the catch is this: WE WILL NOT POST ANY OF YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. So what we are asking from you, if you are willing, is to give us permission to post your (youth leader’s) name, church, email, and possibly a phone number in a designated area on the HDY Website.

If you are willing to make this happen, please send a simple email to Zach McNees at with the information that you’re willing to post. We would love to see all of our churches represented! This would also help to keep everyone in the youth ministry loop!