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February District Lock-In

Help Us Spread the Word!

What to Bring: Sleeping bag, pajamas, gym shoes, toiletries, health waiver form (coming soon), clothes for church service on Sunday morning, winter coat.On Saturday, Feb. 22 meet us at Mecosta New Hope UMC at 5:30 for a night of fun to connect with the Heartland District Youth! All youth grades […]

2014 Heartland District Youth Mission Trip Announced!

Who: Any youth grades 7-12 and adult leaders (adult ratio 1:7 required to bring group)

When: July 13-18, 2014

Where: Mount Pleasant, MI and surrounding area

What: Join together with the youth groups of the Heartland District to do a variety of service projects in Isabella County. By serving you will bed equipped to be the hands […]

10 Christian Rap Artists To Know

If your youth ministry looks anything like mine, you might not too many students who are big into the rap scene, but there might be a chance you have a couple youth who enjoy it. I have a few who do, and they really don’t care for too much else, so it’s great to […]

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Prayers For Kaylee

Many of you in the Heartland District have probably met or seen Kaylee Blackwell from St. Louis UMC around leading things with the district youth the past few years. As the District Youth Council President, she has been very involved in the dreaming, leading, and being the hands and feet of things happening.

Within the […]

10 Alt-Rock Bands You Need to Know

Just like me, your group might not be as prone to jamming out to a worship band on their iPhone on the way to school, or be seen driving with Hillsong blasting on their subs. There are many bands out there who promote themselves as Christian rock and alternative bands (or like Switchfoot, say […]

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Worship Bands You Need to Know for 2014

If there’s one thing that I am a sucker for when it comes to music, then it definitely has to be worship tunes. There’s something about a great worship band or a worship song that can draw me out of the state of semi-consciousness that I was previously in and into a state where […]

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