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Embracing “Smaller”

This last weekend was the Heartland District’s Conference, where most of the 69 churches in our district came together to see the direction that the district is going; there was also a good opportunity for guidance from speaker Kay Kotan. For me though, the best part was a chance to CONNECT. It was the […]

Why Connecting Is Something You Should Do!

When I (Zach) was first asked if I would consider working with the District Youth ministry, I had a chance to think about it before I told the leadership team my first steps. I think that they expected that I would reach out to the youth who have had some involvement with the District […]

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Youth Ministry in a Smaller Church, Pt. 3

Last night I saw on Facebook from a fellow youth leader at a crosstown ministry that their group (large numbers with every bell and whistle out there) had a prominent pastor from a MI mega church out to give the message for their youth ministry. Wait. Hadn’t I just listened to his podcast 4 […]

Youth Ministry In a Smaller Church, Pt. 2

A few days ago I posted about the unique ministry we have with serving in smaller churches. One of the best books (and easiest reads with 105 quick pages!) for me on this topic recently was 99 Thoughts for Smaller Church Workers by Stephanie Caro.
This weekend I just returned from a new outreach and […]

Youth Ministry In A Smaller Church, Pt. 1

My very first taste of serving in youth ministry came from a very tiny church just a few miles away from where I’m now serving. It was so small that almost every person in that congregation could be traced to the matriarch. Upon moving “across town”, it felt as though I left the small […]

Worship In Any Form

This past Sunday night our youth at Mt. Pleasant First UMC did things a little differently when it came to worship. In the time I (Zach) have been serving there, there’s always been someone up front with an acoustic guitar and a loud voice. As of late, it’s been me up there. I love […]

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5 Reasons Why You Matter to Your Church’s Youth Ministry

I’ve been hearing more and more stories from youth workers about how even in the midst of what some people might call “the craziest line of work” with all that goes on, Youth ministry can seem like a crazy place. I have been blessed to, as of recent, join the “full-time youth ministry club.” […]

Heartland District Youth Ministry

Welcome to our new website for the Heartland District Youth!

This is a new tool that we’re going to be using in hopes that we can be effective in our District-wide communication. There will be posts concerning new events, meetings, but also resources and other links that can be beneficial in support our district youth […]

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